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Mission Statement

Image KASB Developers is a leading player in the Real Estate and Construction sectors and committed to changing the skyline of Pakistan without compromising on quality.

About us

KASB Developers has modernized the business aspect in real estate by envisaging a new era in Residential and Commercial Complexes in Pakistan. We execute our work with exceptional expertise in modern architecture. With immaculate integration between man & machine and our in-depth understanding of soil, stone, steel, design and construction equipment, we have changed the way buildings are built. And in the process, we are building the new future.


Our second unit is involved in general contracting and:

  • Architecture & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Marketing

Project Development

KASB Developer’s Project Development Department transforms the:

  • "dreams"
  • "wishes"
  • and "needs"

of our clients into reality. From ideas to construction on turnkey basis with the added value of a professional general contractor involved in:

  • Selection of land, definition or requirements, choice of methods
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual Designing
  • Selection of associated specialists
  • Pre-engineering
  • Budget estimations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract implementation
Design & Build

The success of KASB Developers lies in the innovations based on imagination, advanced designing and ingenious construction methods. Our experience, expertise, research and knowledge are combined together as powerful tools in the designing, building and development projects that we undertake.

In Engineering Development, our main area of work is:

  • Design and optimization of the work
  • Construction methods and techniques
  • Work planning
  • Global knowledge transfer via Knowledge Management

KASB Developers is a renowned company, managed by highly motivated and creative professionals. KASB Developers is therefore, desirous of hearing from talented and dynamic individuals seeking challenging careers in an environment that encourages individualism and appreciatively rewards their efforts.

Please send your resume to: career@kasb.net

For more information please visit http://kasbdevelopers.net
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