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The continuous success and growth of our group companies is a reflection of the innovative approach and commitment of over 50 years that is built upon the “Tradition of Trust”.

This tenet was envisaged by the founding father of the company, for which we are nationally and internationally known.

The KASB Group's companies are leading players in Real Estate and Construction of Commercial and Residential Complexes, Land Development,Higher Education, Medical Services and Equipments, Commodity Import-Export/Trading, Media Network, Civil and Defence Purpose Technology and even Philanthropy.


Muhammad Ali Shah Bukhari

Muhammad Ali Shah Bukhari is involved in Real Estate Development, Technology/Media Businesses activities of the KASB Group, he is also involved with his family run Philanthropic Organization named KASB Foundation.

He holds a Masters Degree in Business Management (MBA) and has the privilege of completing various Executive Courses ranging from Management & Administration to Finance related subjects from some of the most reputed Universities in U.S.A., Ontario Canada, U.A.E. as well as Pakistan.

Muhammad currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of KASB Developers, a Real Estate and Construction Business Company involved with a number of mega projects. Muhammad is Director of KASB Institute of Technology and also holds a number of directorships on the boards of the KASB Group Companies.

Muhammad Ali Shah Bukhari also has the honored privilege of having worked for the Democratic National Committee in Washington D.C., where he was involved with the fund raising activities related to the elections that led to Barrack Obama winning his second term as the President of the United States of America.

As a member of YPO's YNG next generation Muhammad has participated since a very young age in a number of Leadership and Entrepreneurship Courses in different capital cities and successfully achieved the target goal of this prestigious organization.

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KASBIT Private Limited is the parent body of KASB Institute of Technology, a degree awarding institute that was established in September 1999, by virtue of being registered with
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KASB Foundation

KASB Foundation, a non-profit organisation, strives to address social welfare issues through the unwavering commitment of monetary contributions
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KASB Developers

KASB Developers is a leading player in the Real Estate and Construction sectors and committed to changing the skyline of Pakistan without
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PLAY Entertainment TV

24-Seven Media Network (Private) Limited (PLAY ENTERTAINMENT TV), the purpose of this venture is to
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